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Wooden Animals

Main List

The main list contains those animals made from a solid block of lime wood and are thus robust enough to withstand vigorous play.  Choose animals from this list as per my guide price for Ark sets. You can of course pick where you like.  Many customers build up their sets over a period of time and I post them a pair of animals each month or on special occasions.   

£76. per pair

Animals on the Ark

Anteater Dodo Giraffe Monitor Lizard Polar Bear Tapir
Badger Dog Goat Monkey Puffin Tiger
Beaver Donkey Goose Musk Ox Rabbit Tortoise
Brown Bear Dove Gorilla Okapi Raccoon Toucan
Buffalo Dromedary Heron Ostrich Raven Turkey
Camel Duck Hippo Owl Rhino Vulture
Cat Elephant Horse Panda Bear Seal Wild Boar
Cock&Hen Emu Kangaroo Parrot Seagull Wild Turkey
Cow&Bull Ermine Kiwi Pelican Sheep Wolf
Canada goose Flamingo Koala Bear Penguin Skunk Wood Pigeon
Crocodile Fox Lion Pig Snake Zebra
Deer Galapagos Tortoise Llama Pheasant Squirrel Mr Noah
        Swan Mrs Noah


Small Boy Playing With Wooden Animals

Very Small Creatures


Butterflies Hedgehogs Mice Snails
Frogs Ladybirds Moles  

These are fixed in pairs to a base for safety.  Priced at £48. per pair.

Animals with Extra Detail


Antelope Guinea Fowl Orangutan Walrus
Armadillo Green Woodpecker Oryx Waterbuffalo
Cheetah Hyena Peacock Whale
Chimpanzee Leopard Reindeer Wildebeast
Dolphin Meerkat Ring-tailed Lemur  
Eagle Moose Unicorn  

Boy playing with wooden toy animals

Some with added horns and tails inevitably cannot be as robust as a solid block of wood. Thus they are not suitable for unsupervised play.

Priced at £120. per pair.

Many customers build up their set over time, often starting with an ark and I post them a pair of animals each month. I am always open to customers’ suggestions for new animals, as well as particular breeds and household pets

David Plagerson Handcrafted Noah's Arks