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Country Life - November 27th 2013 - Meet the real elves

"Although his creations are miniature works of art, he hates the thought of them not being played with. ‘If they end up getting a bit bashed, I can always re-sand and paint them.’ He uses as many as 17 types of wood when modelling his Mixed Woods Ark sets and pays special attention to giving their faces a real sense of character. ‘What makes me happiest is all the correspondence I receive from parents saying how much their children love playing with my toys.’..." Read more here

Land Love - Once upon a time there was a magical toymaker

"David has been taming wild animals for his arks, nativities and circus scenes for over 40 years. His hippos are happy, his lions, laid-back, his penguins pick-up-able. They are both lovely to the eye and robust: aesthetisally thrilling to adults and whole worlds of play for children..." Read more here


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